La Vague XL design cat tree

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Get to know our popular La Vague XL scratching furniture! We adapted on of our best selling... more
Product description

La Vague XL design cat tree

Get to know our popular La Vague XL scratching furniture! We adapted on of our best selling cat furnitures to the individual needs of big cats. even big sized tigers can now live their game and scratch without any hindrance! The scrtacher is ideal for 2 and more cats!

La Vague XL is a cat furniture specially designed for cats. Already the dimensions are impressive: with a 40 cm wide and 20 cm high opening, each cat finds purrfectly place in this nicely shaped safe cave. The cat scratcher is very robust, claw resisitant  and offers your animals fun and retreat.

La Vague XL is not just an eye-catcher. It also animates the cats immediately to play and scratch. It scratches so nicely on the cat-on corrugated board, which is particularly strong and resistant. Many animals lay down immediately in the tunnel and pull themselves along the corrugated board through it or lie down on the back to pull their claws with great pleasure. In presence of several cats, of course, the game drive immediately breaks out. From the rear, from the front, from above, from all directions, a paw then emerges, in order to annoy the inside lying extensively. The entertainment value of the La Vague XL is proven to be extremely high.

La Vague XL is not a purchase for 4 weeks, but a really sturdy furniture for cats, which some of our customers have already since 4 to 5 years or even more in successful use. The wear of the surface always depends on the number of cats and the various scratches in the house.

cat-on scratching furniture is free from formaldehyde, smells very cleanly of paper, the glues are non-toxic and safe, the recycled corrugated cardboard is enriched with long, solid wood fibers, which guarantee an unexpectedly long life of scratching furniture. The cats feel and smell our special for healthy ingredients. Therefore, adding a sachet of catnip as an attractant is obsolete. Cats just love cat-on!

Discover our common color patterns in our color catalog. Possible is much, much more! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product details
  • 100.221.000
  • 4250519503189
  • 7.5 kg
  • 33.5 cm
  • 53.5 cm
  • 64 cm
  • Kratzpappe Made in Germany
More informations
  • Delivery time: 5 - 14 workdays
  • 100 % Made in Germany
  • Customizable
  • Vegan certified glue
  • Produced from fsc-certified corrugated board
  • Designed & handcrafted in Berlin
cat dreams Made in Germany

Anyone who knows cats knows too well how sensitive, sensitive but also obstinate our velvet paws can be in everyday life. All cat food manufacturers in the world would possibly go out of their way to develop a food that is loved by all cats in the world. When it comes to taste, cats are as individual as they are unpredictable. However, there is one material that almost all cat dreams are made of: cardboard. We made cat-on out of cardboard and have been knitting tirelessly on various cat-scratching rooms since 2010.

The production method in our Berlin factory differs essentially from many other cat products made from corrugated cardboard. On the one hand, we only process high-quality papers from FSC-certified, sustainable wood cultivation, which we obtain from the region. We focus on sustainability in connection with cats and the natural product corrugated cardboard.

cat-on cat scratchers and cat tree alternatives, 100 % Made in Germany
Scratching furniture for cats, scratching post reinterpreted

On the other hand, we use state-of-the-art technologies in our production, which enable us to process our handcrafted scratching posts and scratching furniture with the utmost precision and incomparably loving care. This guarantees you a premium quality that is constant whenever possible in all model sizes and shapes.

Unique to cat-on scratching posts and cat furniture made of cardboard are the high weight, the different sizes for all cat breeds, the individual production, on request made to measure, the variety of color options, the high aesthetics and processing quality and very special the sound when scratching!

General informations

General informations:

cat-on scratching furniture is individually manufactured for you in a complex process from individual layers of high-quality corrugated cardboard in our Berlin factory. Upon receipt of your order, your personal scratching furniture will be freshly produced for you in Berlin, a product handmade in Germany! This individual production enables us to offer you a huge variety of designs and colors.

Many customers are already using our unique, very personal service and have their scratching furniture made in the right color for the facility. You can't find the color of your choice? Just write to us! We are happy to help.

cat-nn Katzenmöbel

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Customer evaluation for "La Vague XL design cat tree"
22 Mar 2021

La Vague XL design cat tree

We received "La Vague XL design cat tree" today. Our cat hasn't used it to sharpen his nails yet, but he has been investigating it, I hope he gets used to it soon and it's what he needs, which I'm sure he will. CAT-ON's customer service, design and workmanship definitely deserve 5 stars. They have been super friendly at all times, and without any doubt their scrapers are the most beautiful on the market, apart from having an excellent quality. I recommend without any doubt any product from this company.

24 Oct 2019

Hochwertiges Kratzmöbel

Der Versand hat sehr gut geklappt - unser bestelltes Kratzbrett war liebevoll verpackt und das Wichtigste: Den Katzen gefällt es!
Es ein hochwertig verarbeitetes Produkt und die Katzen liegen auch gerne drauf - das war mir wichtig.
Wir haben 4 Maine Coon und da muss auch was Robustes und Großes her - und dann sehen die Kratzmöbel auch noch toll aus

16 Mar 2018

Génial pour les gros matous

Il n'y a pas mieux que ce griffoir énormement résistant! Mes chats l'adorent depuis des années, presqu'indesctructible

6 Aug 2017

Daumen hoch!

Unsere beiden Stubentiger haben das Teil sofort akzeptiert. Sie lieben es; es wird zum Kratzen, drauf liegen, drin liegen und spielen genutzt.

15 Jun 2017

toll, toll, toll

kaufe dieses Modell immer wieder, ist der absolute Renner bei unseren 17 Katzen, es wird drin gelegen, obenauf gelegen, überall gekratzt, durch gerast, gespielt, einer oben, einer drin. Trotz intensiver Nutzung hält dieses Modell wirklich lange, bis zu mehrere Jahre.

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