Authenticity check of customer reviews

We would like to inform you that we check the published ratings in our online shop for their authenticity in advance. Our customers now have the option to participate in our evaluation programme via a GDPR-compliant opt-in procedure when concluding a purchase. Only customers who have agreed to the procedure will receive a link 14 days after the conclusion of the purchase, via which they can submit their personal evaluation for the items they have purchased. The ratings submitted through the procedure receive a verification seal after verification. In this way, we ensure that you will always be able to immediately distinguish certified ratings from ratings that have not been verified by the opt-in procedure in our online shop.

In spite of this, we have been checking reviews of our products before publishing them since the inception of our online shop. Each review is checked individually to see whether it was made by a consumer who actually purchased the goods or services from us. A release by the team of checked evaluations only takes place after 24 hours at the earliest.

The total ratings are made up of both certified ratings and ratings checked by us.


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