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Le Tube L scratch post  
The Le Tube L scratching furniture is almost a real cat house, earthquake-proof, solid and the cats immediately feel at home! With a diameter of Ø 25 cm, the continuous tunnel is also suitable for very large cats. The tunnel is ideal for...
€78.95 *
Le Rond Design Kratzbaum  
The cat-on Le Rond cat tree is a piece of scratching furniture made of high-quality corrugated cardboard with elegant, fine lines. Cut from individual layers and formed layer by layer by hand, the cat-on Le Rond is a masterpiece for cats...
€113.95 *

Environmentally friendly scratching posts and scratching furniture made from German corrugated cardboard

Scratching furniture and scratching posts made of corrugated cardboard for cats are absolutely trendy. When we tinkered with the first models with cat-on in 2009, we could not have guessed how successful the concept would become. In the meantime, the market is overflowing with cheap and messily produced scratching boards. Cats simply love corrugated cardboard. It's great for scratching, playing and sleeping. How do we differentiate ourselves from the cat tree competition? The answer is quite simple: from the very beginning, we have focused on the best quality and sustainability, both in the raw materials and in the processing. A clean, sharp cut edge of the corrugated cardboard testifies to the high quality of the fsc-certified papers from sustainable wood cultivation. In cat-on scratching posts you will find long, resistant fresh wood fibres that resist cat claws for a long time. Our furniture is not tattered after a few weeks and will not break if a cat jumps on it.

Some of our furniture, such as the design cat tree Molecular Fauteuil for cats, is suitable as a seat for children and adults. It can withstand weights of well over 100 kg. Scratching furniture such as Le Tronc or Phredia Eckhaus are equally strong.

The clean ingredients of our individually produced cat furniture magically attract cats. Often there are rivalries between cats and queues form, so popular is the paper-scented furniture. Ergonomic lines, as with our bestsellers, the curved, double-sided Singha L cat tree, or long lying surfaces, as with the Le Ver L cat scratcher made of corrugated cardboard, offer cats wonderful terrain for scratching, dozing, playing or lingering. Just try it out! Your cats will be thrilled! 100 % Made in Germany!