Design Scratch Box Purrfect Scratch Lounge for cats

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Kratzkarton Purrfect Scratch Lounge für Katzen

Purrfect Scratch Lounge - Design Cardboard Scratch Post Box For Cats

Did you know that our cat-on brand comes from the direct derivation of the german word cardboard? So nothing is more obvious than to create a beautiful monument to the scratching box with the Purrfect Scratch Lounge. Embedded in robust side walls, the scratching box invites every velvet paw to scratch, sleep or play. The scratching furniture is a scratching board all around and can be used extensively for claw care from all sides.

The special papers of our corrugated board are reinforced with long fresh wood fibres and resist the sharp claws of cats for an unusually long time. Unlike other scratching boards that appear similar at first glance, the individually glued layers guarantee a high degree of resilience and durability. Even if chips fall where there is planing, the life span of cat-on scratching boards is incomparably high. By the way, horizontal scratching is a real alternative to the classic cat tree. Cats also like to stretch themselves horizontally on the firm corrugated cardboard from our house. They don't get their claws caught in sisal threads like they do and they like to work out their emotions on our scratching board.

With a width of 38 cm and a length or depth of 56 cm, the scratching board is a true cat's dream for all cat sizes. Of course, all colour variants of our programme will be available to you in the future. Please use the colour variant 999 if you would like to order your favourite colour on the furniture.

The PURRFECT SCRATCH LOUNGE scratching board is a cat scratching furniture 100 % Made in Germany.

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