Cardboard Cat Scratcher Handmade in Germany

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Kabou design cat scratcher  
The Kabou scratching furniture impresses with its particularly ergonomic shape. It is a real eye-catcher. Due to its elegant form, the scratch post is not immediately recognized as a cat accessoire or cat tree by your guests. It gits...
€37.95 *
cat scratcher Le Panier  
The cat scratch post Le Panier is ideal as an affordable entry-level or supplement model, perfectly fitting in the entrance of your apartment or house, for example. By the book and ideal for both vigorous scratching and serious...
€46.95 *
La Tele cat scratcher  
Is there an exciting cat thriller on TV again today? We are going on the air with the brand new scratching furniture La Tele in an elegant TV retro look! The classic design alone with elegant, simple lines and fine curves is already an...
€62.95 *
Le Canapé Plus cat lounge  
Wir präsentieren das Katzensofa Le Canapé Plus , Extravaganz in jeglicher Rundung. Königliche Bettung für die aristokratische Katze! Entdecken Sie das von Katzen geliebte Kratzmöbel & Sofa von cat-on. Unsere Katzensofas werden aufgrund...
€72.95 *
Le Maitre design cat tree  
The design icon in cat furniture, the modern cat tree Le Maître , smitten by its simple and classic design is a must have for every household! We believe, that this beautifully designed and unique cat scratching furniture does not nee...
€107.95 *
Le Maitre wall-kit cat shelve  
Lassen Sie Ihre Katze klettern, auf der Höhe liegen und elegant über Ihren Frauchen & Herrchen thronen! Entdecken Sie das Kratzmöbel Le Maitre mit verdeckter Wandhalterung. Die Montage des Wandkratzbaums ist kinderleicht. Die im...
€124.95 *
Brochhaus Design cat furniture 000 weiß
€326.00 * From €309.95 *

Cat furniture & scratch posts made of corrugated cardboard Made in Germany

Who hasn't experienced it? The delivery man of a parcel service rings the doorbell and delivers a parcel. Hardly opened and no matter how big, immediately a cat is sitting in it. Cardboard boxes have a magical attraction for cats. We turned cardboard into cat-on and offer cats the stuff you love so much as chic scratching furniture, just for them. Exclusively for you? No, of course not. Cat owners also enjoy new ways to decorate their living space with unusual scratching posts and completely to their taste. The cat-on scratching furniture is incredibly changeable. We are constantly expanding the design range and fulfilling individual wishes. We produce each cat tree directly and individually after receipt of order and can therefore react to almost every customer wish. In the category scratching furniture you will find small cat furniture, medium scratching sofas and scratching trees, large scratching boards and XL design scratch posts, all produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in Berlin. The really special thing about our scratching posts and scratching furniture made of corrugated cardboard and cardboard is, apart from the design, the exceptionally high quality of the raw materials used. The corrugated cardboard is fsc-certified, from regional production and consists of the best possible paper composition, which enables a high longevity in the long term.