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Our family-run business lies in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Here we lovingly craft cat furniture from the stuff that cats love – cardboard.

Every cat owner knows a cat’s instinctive love of cardboard boxes and paper; as soon as one has opened a parcel, no matter how large or small, a cat will sit in it. We take cardboard and turn it into stylish, high quality furniture for cats.

cat-on® furniture allows cats to satisfy their natural urge to scratch and sharpen their claws. We offer many different styles that allow your cat to play and relax in comfort. cat-on® furniture quickly becomes part of a cat’s daily life and helps prevent damage to your furniture and wallpaper.

We make all of our cat-on® furniture from high-quality corrugated cardboard that is produced in Germany using a high proportion of recycled material. Corrugated cardboard is an incredibly stable material, and we build on this innate stability with our special production techniques. Every piece of our furniture is produced by building up layers of cardboard that are then meticulously hand finished to make a unique and beautiful item. The high quality construction can be seen and felt.

Our products are odourless and don’t contain any formaldehyde or other solvents. We use adhesives that are food safe and therefore totally harmless. Unlike other companies we don’t include catnip with our products; we have found that cat-on® furniture quickly becomes part of a cat’s daily life without the use of such aides.

Not only is cat-on® furniture functional and stylish, it is also kind to the environment - for the sake of cats and humans we produce an absolutely clean and renewable product. We manufacture our furniture using green electricity, we use local suppliers so that we avoid excessive transportation and resource usage, and our waste material is recycled. 

Finally, we pride ourselves on our service - we do everything in-house from design and manufacture to packaging and dispatch. This means we are able to rapidly respond to your wish for any special item of cat-on furniture.

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