Cardboard Cat Scratchers & Scratch Posts Size S

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cat scratcher Le Panier  
The cat scratch post Le Panier is ideal as an affordable entry-level or supplement model, perfectly fitting in the entrance of your apartment or house, for example. By the book and ideal for both vigorous scratching and serious...
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Cat scratching boards, cat scratchers and small cat trees made of corrugated cardboard in size S like Small.

In our assortment of small scratching posts, scratching beds and scratching furniture you will not only find furniture for small cats and kittens, but also compact, space-saving scratching opportunities for your cats. Our narrow cat scratching boards such as the Lounger Slim Line cat lounger are suitable as a place to lie on the window sill, for example. On cold autumn and winter days, the heat from the heating rises into the corrugated cardboard and is stored under the cat's body. A window seat can't really be any cosier. The small wall thickness of the Lounger Slim Line proves that cat furniture made of corrugated cardboard can be surprisingly stable and durable with the right method. Only cat-on can be this thin!
Many breeders give their litters small individually printed cat-on scratching boards to their new owners when they move out. The small mobile scratching furniture can be taken anywhere with ease. By the way, the small Feline scratching post is an extremely popular entry model into the world of cat-on scratching posts and cat scratchers. From an early age, cats learn to let out their emotions on the robust scratching boards. With the arrival of a cat-on scratching post, the cat finally has a fun alternative to wallpaper and furniture. Quickly integrated into everyday life, even without the separate addition of attractants such as catnip or valerian, the velvet paws surprisingly often use the scratching board to reduce excessive behaviour. No matter whether they are joyful, angry or grouchy. After scratching, the cats always look very smoothed out and satisfied! Try it out for yourself!