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Kabou design cat scratcher  
The Kabou scratching furniture impresses with its particularly ergonomic shape. It is a real eye-catcher. Due to its elegant form, the scratch post is not immediately recognized as a cat accessoire or cat tree by your guests. It gits...
€36.99 *
Le Tunnel cat tree 000 weiß
An ideal spot for your cat to slink off to sleep or indulge in a game of peejk-a-boo, the cardboard cat scratcher Le Tunnel has an elegant retro look and is available in various different colors. The opening of the tunnel is the perfect...
€45.77 *
Le Tonneau cat scratch post 000 weiß
The scratch wave Le Tonneau is very different from the standard cat scratching waves. Made out of premium raw materials, the scratcher is odorless, clean and highly resistant to cat claws. Cats love to play, scratch and sleep on all levels.
€65.26 *
Molecular Fauteuil design cat tree  
A design cat tree in a futuristic design: the cat scratcher Molecular Fauteuil is a new way of combining design with effective functionality for cats. The robust, premium quality corrugated cardboard and the ergonomic shape, which are...
€75.98 *
Phredia Eckhaus design cat tree  
The attractive, graphically clear scratching furniture Phredia Eckhaus is, despite its novelty, already a true classic. The elegant form of the stylish cat furniture impresses with its simplicity. Clear lines stand for the classic and...
€106.20 *
La Maitresse wall-kit  
Cats love to discover the surroundings by climbing. We provide the perfect climbing and scratching gear for cats: La Maitresse. It is a huge cat perch, longlasting, eco-friendly and clean. The cat shelve La Maitresse supports up to 5...
€130.57 *