cat-on® is the stuff of which cat dreams are made of! A truly natural product!

The idea behind the cat scratch furniture is as simple as brilliant! Every cat owner knows exactly about the almost instinctive love of all cats for corrugated cardboard. In the moment you open a package, no matter the size, one of the cats immediately sits in it!

Another great advantage of corrugated cardboard is its incredible stability. The combination of both great attributes already makes up a good mix. With the same goal as cat breeders, we have tried to put together all the best qualities and attributes for the best possible result.

  • We have made it to our absolute top priority to produce sustainable and eco-friendly in the heart of Berlin in Germany to conserve resources and to keep the CO2 emissions as low as possible. We don't import from Asia.
  • We use the highest quality of corrugated cardboard, 100 % guaranteed of German manufacturing, with high recycled content and completely free of formaldehyde.
  •  We print environmentally friendly.
  •  We only use safe and certified glues.
  •  Our products are odorless.
  •  We are strengthening the industrial location Germany by creating jobs and not moving our production to Asia.
  •  We have deliberately joined the Green Dot.


The most convincing benefits of all cat-on-cat scratching furnitures  are the perfect mix of functionality and the possibility to customize each piece of cat furniture in a way, that harmonizes with the interior design of your home.

Finally it is now possible to adapt a cat tree to your own taste. The time of unattrractive cat trees with plush ends now!

A cat-on-furniture is more than "just an ordinary cat tree":

  • Cats love carboard and find instant access to our products. They are immediately confiscated by the feline friends.
  • The solid structure of corrugated cardboard takes large loads easily without problems and offers an ideal field for scratching and claw care, regardless of the size and weight of the animal.
  • Many cats literally fall in love with their cat-on cat furniture, which can lead to small rivalries between cats. Many customers reported about exciting and deep relationships between cat and cat-on. We therefore recommend our customers with multi-cat household the acquisition of more than one cat furniture to keep their cats well balanced…
  • Beside the efficient claw care a cat-on cat scratcher responds very naturally to the play instinct of the small tigers. Movement and fun are an important aspect for maintaining the health of your cat. 


We manufacture with dedication in the heart of Berlin, capitol of Germany, with use of modern technologies. Feel the spirit of Berlin!


The elegant furniture is available in a great variety of colors and patterns and can easily be adapted to your personal interior design. We are happy to customize your personal cat furniture!

Try our products and the amazing quality of german corrugated cardboard!

Cats just love them!








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